Participating in the Christmas Giveaway is simple:

1) Submit your e-mail below and verify by clicking the link in the verification e-mail.

2) Share this event with your friends to unlock more presents! Once a new milestone is reached, new presents are unlocked, giving everyone a chance to win more presents!

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Join the $21,000 Christmas Event to win one of 500 Unity-related Presents each day

Work together to unlock more presents!

Reaching each sharing milestones below unlocks more presents for the days to come.

So, share the event with your friends and increase your winning chances for each milestone.

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What’s happening here?

We (Devdog) are organizing a Christmas giveaway event for game developers, sponsored by a sleeve of individuals and companies that deliver tools for game developers.

What can I win?

You can win some of the fantastic 500 Unity-related prizes. This includes some of the best Unity assets from the Unity Asset store, a 1-year Unity Pro license, a Unite ticket for Europe, a Pocket Gamer Connects London VIP Ticket and much more.

Is this event free?

Yes. The event is completely free, there are no fees attached.

Is this event genuine / legal?

Of course. All product keys, conference tickets etc. have been sent directly from the awesome sponsors to us, so that they can be given out to you as Christmas presents!

How many presents are given out each day?

This depends on when the milestones are reached, as each one adds more presents to the total pool of presents. Regardless of the milestones, however, the daily prize pool will gradually increase from Dec. 1st leading up to the big finale on Dec. 25th. When a milestone is reached, the amount of presents that milestone unlocks are distributed among the prize pools of the remaining days of the event.

How are the winners drawn?

At the end of each day (8 o’clock GMT+1) the winners will be drawn and announced. The winners will be contacted and given their presents through email.

Why are you doing this event?

Game developers have delivered hours on end of entertainment and joy to many a gamer on Christmas Day, but it seemed to us the game developers themselves were always overlooked. But no more of that! So we sat down, crunched some numbers and... well, honestly we just spammed a whole bunch of awesome fellow games tool and software developers, hoping they'd jump on board. And they did! So for every Christmas from now on, all Unity game developers will have a chance at winning an early Christmas present - and next year, the event will be even bigger ;)

What do I signup for?

You sign up for the daily Christmas mail in which the winners will be announced and tomorrow’s presents teased. You also sign up for the monthly Devdog Newsletter, which is commonly used for announcements of events like this, and product launches.